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A loving look at Minnesota family resorts: Neil Johnson's book gets kickoff at Twin Lakes church


by Bruce Strand, Sports editor

In this land of ten thousand lakes, resorts are as much staple of our culture as cornfields, good schools and the Twins. Fishermen, hunters and their families love to break away for an afternoon, a weekend, even a week, on the lake.

An homage to the people who provide those peaceful getaways — "Resorts of Minnesota: Exploring the Heritage and History of Minnesota's Family Resorts" — has been written by Neil E. Johnson with help from another writer and three photographers.

This stylish 234-page, 10-by-12 book, featuring profiles of 36 resorts and the families who've run them, along with hundreds of photographs both vintage and new, and many interesting sidebars, is now available at Borders and the website It was published by Johnson himself (NLJ Books of Hibbing).

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